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Kickup Football


When it comes to finding new and interesting ways to spend your free time everybody is looking for various and more eccentric ways to fill in the spare time. We also have some games for those who like to play sports, and mostly for those who like to play them on the computer… in the wonderful world that the internet helped to create. We have the latest soccer games for those who enjoy this sport and all kind of games for everybody.

When it comes to the latest soccer games there is one particular game that I want you to know about! It is called Kickup Football and it is the kind of game that you will enjoy playing as a practice for other goalkeeping soccer games. As you will see, it is not an actual soccer game, with players and all, but a simple game where all you need to do is maintain a football ball in the air by using the mouse to dribble it. Each dribble that you perform brings you one point! 

As you may think… this game sounds quite easy, but don’t you let yourself be fooled by its simple look, because it is not that easy to keep that ball in the air! You will see that you need to have maximum speed and concentration and that every moment is precious and extremely valuable! These latest soccer games are made only for offering you only the best entertaining and help you develop your skills.

You will even hear the crowds cheer just when playing a real football game or like when you watch one on TV! It is a very nice feeling to realize that all those people are cheering for you ad encouraging your play. It doesn’t matter that this is only an online sport game; it can actually make you feel like on the stadium! 

Kickup Football is also a perfect game to play with your friends, because it’s very challenging to compete against your friends. Just try a round of ‘’who can make the most dribbles!’’ you will find that Kickup Football – one of the latest soccer games – is actually one of the most entertaining game that you have ever played!