Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Rooney Soccer


If you don’t know who Rooney is you will certainly find out if you play Rooney soccer games for a moment. These football games are quite violent, so small children are best to stay aside and choose to play a calmer and funnier game. Rooney Soccer is a simple game where the only thing that you have to do is make your way towards the game using your head. 

How using your head?! Well… it is simple… you have to use the space bar to hit the other players in the head while running. Also, when you will be closer to the gate you have to jump over the row of players to get to the game. This is also done using the space bar in the moment the angle bar appears on the screen. All that you still have to do now is to play Rooney soccer games and see if you like it!

These urban soccer games are everything that one needs to calm down and at the same time play their favorite sport! To play Rooney soccer games will soon become your favorite spend of time.