Zoorly Sport Games Arena



The game that we are about to present to you will surely be on your tastes… Sidekick is a complex game where you can enjoy playing football against the computer or against your real friend that stands just near you. So, why don’t you have some fun playing some corner soccer games!

After you have selected the country you desire to represent you can start the competition! Let’s see who is the best! These corner soccer games will give you the opportunity to compete for real with your friends and this makes them very challenging and popular. For starters you have to know that these 2 player soccer games are being played on an real-like stadium and with all the players.

So, to know how to play it you have to keep in mind that you have to use the arrow keys to move the players and the computer will automatically move the control over to the closer player to the ball. These corner soccer games can be a little confusing at the beginning but you will start to enjoy them in a short time.