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Soccer Ball


Just imagine it is the final part of a football match… the last minutes and you are the one that all of your team and the public counts on. You are the one to set the score right, so, of you are feeling in shape press the ‘’play’’ button and see how good you are. And if you like these games you can start and download free soccer games for later. 

It is quite easy to play Soccer Ball as you need to use only your mouse to set some features of your shot. So, if you consider these games as wordy of you can download free soccer games and start with this one!

When you start these World Cup penalty games you will see on the bottom of the screen some meters… well… in order to take a shot you need to first click on the direction meter to set the direction and then on the swing and power ones to define the shot. You will see that this game will surely make you feel better when you hear the crowds cheering every time you perform! Now tell me just one reason why not to download free soccer games like Soccer Ball?