Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Overhead Kick


I just found for you some American soccer games that you will surely enjoy because they are not like any other football games you have ever played. Just imagine you are in front of the gate, ready to score and the ball takes you by surprise coming when you are with your back at the gate. 

Let’s see if you are the one to perform an almost impossible shot towards the gate. Put your hand on the mouse because it will be your friend in the next minutes – the one that will help you impress the whole crowd. So, when playing American soccer games like Overhead Kick you have to try and calculate the precise place of the ball in order to jump and kick it not seeing the gate!

I am telling you that these goal shooting soccer games are exactly what you need to see how good you are at handling a crisis situation. So prepare yourself to prove that these American soccer games are not too much for you ad you are an expert when it comes to this wonderful sport.