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Wear The Shirt


Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world! Almost all countries have at least a soccer team that is known. So, that is why along time game designers concentrated on making the virtual soccer seam almost like the real game. And from the whole repertoire of football games Wear the Shirt is one of the best soccer games that can be found and it is for those that are really infatuated fans of this sport.

If you are among those who are looking for a very realistic game and who get the thrill from the screaming and cheering crowds Wear the Shirt is the perfect game for you and you should start playing it immediately! You will see how different it will be from the times when you used to just watch soccer games! It is time to take measures and start feeling like a champion, even if it is only virtually…

The unique trait of this game is that it has a real prize! If you play very, very good and then you submit your score on the internet you can win a shirt signed by all the players of the National English team! That is what Wear the Shirt is one of the best soccer games on the market! Because I bet that until now you have never played a free online soccer game that actually has a real prize for the best players.

You don’t actually have to do anything difficult when playing Wear the Shirt; you only have to play the kick-offs! Meaning the last part of a soccer game when the victory depends on your kicks towards the gate. Use the mouse to determine the player to shoot by clicking on the ball using your mouse and then setting the power and angle of the ball! The more goals you score the higher your final score will be and you will have more chances to win the signed T-shirt!

See? Here you not only have the opportunity to play the best soccer games but also win real and quite valuable prizes! And if you think about it, this makes Wear the Shirt the most challenging game of all – you will actually compete with the rest of the world for the first place!