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Hey you people out there we just found a very interesting game that you will surely enjoy no matter if you are a fan of football or not this game named Elastics is like any classic football game! So, of you are looking to play soccer games for free that are both cool and challenging you just found what you are looking for!

More and more people who are fans of football games started looking for satisfying their gaming needs online, so designers started diversifying what they are creating in order to make the games more and more interesting and attractive! That is how Elastics appeared! From the need to offer the players something new and different! And it is offered free of charge for everybody, so, if you want to play soccer games for free online you will surely find something that is on your taste!

Elastics is like no other game you have played. It is for the first time you will play using static characters – strange, right? Soccer is such an active sport… how can it be played using some characters that are blocked in the same spot?! Well… the makers of this game thought of everything… and they gave the characters a special power! They offered them the power to elongate, to be elastic and you the power to control them! 

All that you need to do when playing these mini soccer games is to pull the football players using the mouse in order to perform a kick. But be careful because you also have to be attentive at the other team which is looking to score in your gate! Move your goal keeper to defend yourself by using the ‘’Shift’’ button and mouse!

You need to know that this game, however strange may seam, is very addictive! It will e quite welcomed to try something new when it comes to soccer! And maybe after you tried to play soccer games for free online you can even try it in reality – sports are good in no matter what form!