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Ronaldo vs. Messi


If you like soccer you must have a team that you like, and in that team there must be a player that you hate, this soccer game is going to help you beat up 2 of the most known soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo vs. Messi is a fun game it doesn't have any traditional soccer in it, if you play it it can relax you after a very stressful game.

You can choose the player and you have to beat the other one. You have 3 items to choose from in order to hit your opponent , a table tennis paddle, a shampoo bottle and the world cup cup. After you have picked your item you have to hit as fast as you can by dragging the mouse. The faster you drag the most damage you will see on his face. The best thing about this game is that is simple and that it can be played with only the mouse, no need to read instructions just a lot of fun.

You can compete with your friends to see ho can heat harder, or just get back at this 2 players