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Elfmeter 2


When you are feeling bored and find some fun soccer games it’s like you just found a bucket of gold! Good games, whatever they may be, are welcomed anytime when people need them, so… feel lucky that you just found out about Elfmeter 2 – a cool game that will bring you a dose of well deserved fun!

You will be surprised to see that Elfmeter 2 is a much more colorful game than you expected. When you look for the first time at these fun soccer games you will see some similarities with certain cartoons; that makes the game a suited one for people of all ages, especially for children!

The manner of playing and the system is quite the same like when playing any football game and you won’t be surprised to see that before starting to play you have to choose the character you like most. The rules are very simple – you only have to score as many goals as you can. This way you are advancing from one level to another.

In order to score the goals when you play penalty games like Elfman 2 you need to keep in mind that you have to follow the power meter on the bottom of the screen and when the spot is over the marked spot hit the space bar in order to shoot! The closer to the mark you stop the meter the better your shot will be and your chances to score will increase!

You will see that even this game seams quite simple and it is also a little bit to simple to play – it is mainly for beginners – you will have lots of fun playing it. If you feel it’s too simple for you… you can choose from the tens of classic soccer games you can find on this site, because they are more complicated and challenging! But if you are simply looking for spending you free time in a relaxing, non stressing way that you have made a perfect choice! These fun soccer games are always appreciated by everybody!