Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Scooby Doo


This game is for each and every Scooby Doo who is looking to meet his favorite cartoon hero and also help him learn how to bounce a football ball without it hitting the ground. Well… for all of you who are also a soccer fan we have this wonderful and fun Scooby soccer game!

It will surely be a pleasure for you to teach Scooby to play soccer; so, in order to do that you have to use some keys. To start you have to press the space bar and he will perform his first bounce, move Scooby left and right, according to the position of the ball, by using the side arrow keys and again space bar to make him send the ball back in the air. These soccer shooting games are this fun because of the nice combination between the cartoons and the most popular sport in the world!

But this fun Scooby soccer game offers you only three chances to gather as many points as you can so you need to know that each bounce values 10 points! Be careful not to drop the ball because you will loose one chance and you have to start all over again.