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Magical Kicks


When it comes to offering only the best to every football fan we do our best in satisfying every taste because the needs of games fans are on the first place. That is why we prepared for you a new online free kick game called Magical Kicks which you will surely enjoy playing. 

Magical Kicks is a game where you will actually play football… you will be able to see the players and the gate… it is a very realistic game where you will have the opportunity to control every aspect of your kick. This new online free kick game will even take into consideration the power and direction of the wind. So, be careful because it can influence your shot. 

To start explaining how this game works I have to ask if you know what a freekick game is. Well… for those who don’t know this – it is the last part of the game when after the score is equal there is a round of kicks towards the gate which decides the winner. Well… that is the part of the game that you will play in this game – the part where you are the most important player in the whole team. 

Now that everyone is depending on you and that you are the one who can bring victory to your team it is time to prepare for the final battle! Magical Kicks new online free kick game gives you exactly this opportunity! I bet that you have been waiting for this all of your life!

Also, it is not very hard to play this game in terms of the controls used. You only need to use your mouse and just perform some simple clicks and you can score. This is all for your freedom of play and thought! So, for setting the direction, power and curve of the free kick you only need to click on the ball in the bottom right of the screen. Easy…

What else can you ask from a game like this?! This new online free kick game offers you both challenge and entertainment – you will surely have lots of fun playing it and even recommend it to your friends!