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Mini Put Golf


What else can be funnier and cooler than a game you are able to play along with your friends! And not with one of your friends, but with up to 4! Well… this is what these 18 holes golf games are offering to you – the opportunity to have a good time along with your friends and family! So, if you want to download free golf games this is one to be kept in mind!

It is very good to have some interesting games on your computer in case you are out of internet… so, that is why you need to download free golf games and keep them for rainy days. But you need to know what kind of games you should download and I have to say that Mini Put Golf is very appropriate.

It is very easy to play it, only drag, with your mouse, away from the ball to set the power and direction and then release. The point is to score in as few moves as you can, preferably in one because this way you will receive the maximum number of points! What do you say now, aren’t these games perfect if you are looking to download free golf games?