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Santa Golf


If you like sport games, then you must try kids golf games. Santa Golf is one of these cool games, and I must say it is one of the best too. Although it is a Christmas game, with Santa Claus as the main character, it can be played any season.

Most of the kids golf games are joyful and nice to play, but Santa Golf is unique and a game to remember. It has lots of environmental objects that make you remember the childhood time when you were waiting for Santa near the fireplace. At first, Santa is outside the house, on a little cloud that helps him get to the chimney. In order to play, you will have to control Santa, who holds a golf putter and plays some golf while delivering the presents for the kids. So Santa starts hitting the ball from the little cloud above the house, has to enter the chimney and once inside the house, every level brings new obstacles between the fireplace and the golf hole. At first there are short objects, such as a table and in the following levels, there appear taller objects, just like the Christmas tree.

If you wonder how the controls for kids golf games are, then you should know that they are very easy to get used to. In Santa Golf you only have to use the mouse. You move it horizontally and vertically to set the direction and power, and click the left mouse button to hit the ball with the golf putter. What is very nice here is the fact that there a short animation of Santa hitting the ball, which makes the game a bit more dynamic than others of its kind.

Santa Golf has some vivid colors to express the winter joy of the holidays, an environment that is proper for the Christmas season and nice soundtrack with carols. But just because Santa Golf is a winter game, that doesn't mean that all kids golf games are like this. There are also others that happen during the summer or in the autumn.

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