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Another brick in the Wall


Enjoy the awesome, and extra addictive game as you try to match at least three bricks in a row, to make them pop-out. Blast away bricks of the same color and move quickly for extra bonus time and points. you need to focus and keep your eyes on the in-coming bricks, to make sure you have established all distinct possibilities you have to brick same-color bricks together. Use your mouse to interact and practice your skills beforehand, in other fun free skills games you can find over the internet.

As you will discover, the entertainment this cute-drawn game brings is highly-addictive, making for a great activity you can enjoy with your friends on a casual afternoon. The tasks get tougher and tougher, and matching bricks becomes more and more difficult as the colors diversify. But you can use bombs to blast away some walls and think quickly to match three colors in a row and pop out another brick in the wall. Have fun!