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Putt Base


It is time you started playing some unconventional computer golf games! Now we will present to you a game that looks like no other golf game that you ever played. It looks strange because it is quite different from a realistic game of golf. Putt Base is challenging as it is and also it inspires you to get to the finish because at every step these waits all kind of surprises!

In this game you will be faced with a golf terrain that is not like other golf course you have ever seen. You will actually play these computer golf games on an improvised course where you need to calculate you shots in order to hit the hole in fewer shots. One wrong move and everything is ruined!

That is why you need to be very careful when playing these fun golf games! What you will actually have to do is use your mouse to perform shots that can take your ball into the hole. These computer golf games are quite hard because unlike other games you have played; here you need to pocket the ball in one single shot! So be careful!