Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Golf Drifter


With cool, exclusive car models and fancy colors to choose from, you can drive your designated car to a a path that will enable you to score the golf ball into the right hole. Drive your car just right, making the most out of your arrow keys. By guiding your car like a professional driver, you can score big points in small holes, getting to upper levels and unlocking new cars along the way.

If you liked the Billiards Drifts, check out our new similar adventure challenge, the golf drifter! Blending two games into one, you will benefit from both worlds with just one fun adventure. So are you ready for some golf drifter games and tricks? You can perform your skills and abilities on these fancy cars, getting ready to score big in the golfing area as well. Enjoy our new challenging game, have fun and prove your passion for cars and sports alike!