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Hack Attack


Hack Attack is a good choice if you like pc golf games. Is very exciting and funny, so is perfect for everyone! You really should try some pc golf games!

This game puts you at a series of virtual golf-driving ranges. Just like a real driving range, your goal is to pummel the ball-retrieval cart until no longer moves. To aim, just point the arrow with your mouse. To shoot, you have to keep the mouse button down until the power bar reaches the desired level, then release it. The longer you hold it down, the farther your shot will go. Try to remember that you have a limited number of balls, so shoot carefully! Plus, if the cart manages to pick up the last ball on the range before you can disable it, the game ends. Since the cart is moving, you might have to aim ahead of it. It will take more than one ball to knock the cart out, so let them fly. When you succeed, you will be taken to a more difficult level.

Each driving range scene is jam-packed with other inviting targets, from yardage signs to gophers to bagpipers. Bean them for extra points, but don’t go nuts because you still got to get that ball – retrieval cart. If you are running low on ammo, look for a low-flying goose carrying a bucket of balls. Hit the bird and the balls are yours!

The pc golf games are easy to play and can be very interesting. And it can improve your golf skills as well. To play this game you really have to be fast and tenacious. Even if it is easy to play don’t forget to be attentive. This game is funny, interactive and most important, you can play it anytime! Happy hunting!

If you enjoy this kind of pc golf games, Hack Attack might be a great suggestion for you! Even if it is a little more complex than the rest of the golf games, this doesn’t mean that is difficult! Not at all! And if you want to try some other games you should try to play free golf games!