Zoorly Sport Games Arena



What do you think about playing some mini golf games right now? As you know, golf is a royal sport, not so many people have the resources to practice it… now we give this opportunity to everyone! Anybody who wants to try some very interesting mini golf games can do it! Don’t miss this opportunity and play Miniputt.

Miniputt is one of the many mini golf games which you will find extremely fun and at the same time relaxing. The whole game goes like this: you will play some rounds of mini golf games all on their own mini golf court and with their own challenges! Miniputt belongs to the group of mini golf games online which can be played in 1, 2, 3 or 4 players… so, you can take your friends and family and start a competition between all of you!

Miniputt is an extremely easy to play game; only by using the mouse to set the direction and power of your strike. As any other mini golf games you will have to put the golf ball into the hole in as few moves as you can! So, take your time, calculate and think well about your moves. You have all the time in the world…

When playing Miniputt you will be faced with several golf courses, all unique and with their different obstacles which you will have to overcome. So just click to drop the ball where you consider is more helpful for you and then start its journey towards the hole! In order to strike the ball just click anywhere on the field and you will see the direction and power appearing. The longer the tail of the ball the grater the power of the strike! So, just press the ‘’START’’ button and let the fun begin! You won’t be sorry!

What are you waiting for? Pick that phone and ask your friends to come and visit. I am sure that everyone will enjoy some challenging rounds of mini golf games, especially Miniputt!