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Mini Putt3


It is time for you to try these new golf games to download! Mini Putt3 is a very entertaining game if you are looking for a realistic miniature golf game! You will play on several golf courses, each and every one of they will be very different and all have their own unique obstacles. 

You will play these golf games to download on levels and what you will actually have to do is pocket the golf ball in as few shots as you can. If you pocket it in one move you will receive more points! These minigolf games for kids are made in such a way that you need to calculate your every move in order to set the right speed of the ball and the appropriate aim.

What you have to do to perform the shots is use the mouse to set everything you need and everything will be all right… These golf games to download will brighten up your day and also keep you on edge, not letting you get bored!