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Golf Man


Who doesn’t want to play some nice 3d golf games?! If you want to take advantage of the ultimate technology and enjoy what the internet has to offer you have to try these cool games which you can play online only on www.sportgamesarena.com. Golf Man is that kind of game which you will surely enjoy paying even if you are not a fan of golf.

Golf Man is a very interesting game which does not concentrate mainly on your skills as a golf player but on you having the best time while playing it. These 3d golf games are colorful and nice to the limit of addiction so you’d better start playing!

If you are not used to 3d golf games this game is the perfect one for you because it also gives you valuable information about how you should play it. This can be a good thing also for the times when you will play golf course games as they are almost all played in the same manner. Usually using the mouse to do everything. Like when playing Golf Man – you have to use the mouse and its movements to aim, set the trajectory and power of the hit. It is that easy that a small child can play it…

So, as I said, by using the mouse you can set everything you need. Just pull in the opposite direction of the ball and you will see a line that indicates all of those features. The rules are the same as at any other game and very similar to the rules of the real game. So, as a plus of these 3d golf games, by playing Golf Man you have the chance to learn the rules of golf in fewer time than you might have dome it by going on a real golf course. This way you also save money and time and finish by having a good time and have learnt a new and interesting game.


So, you have 18 different golf courses, meaning 18 holes, all of them with their unique features and challenges… one harder than the previous one. You will discover that you need to overcome obstacles like ponds of water, sand and rocks and you have to adjust the speed and angle accordingly as to hit the hole in as few strikes as you can. Isn’t these 3d golf games fun?! They are all waiting for you to play them and recommend them to your friends…