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Every Bodys Golf


These games are for every miniature golf games fans, all over the world! Because in reality, golf can be sometimes such a boring sport and not everybody has the patience to play it we have created these online mini golf games that make this sport a little bit more animated and active.

So, you will surely like Every Bodys Golf from the first look because it is a very active game where you don’t really have time to get bored and it is also very colorful, bighting up your day. These miniature golf games are also very easy to play, only with the use of your mouse it can be played by adults and children also.

The rules of these miniature golf games are very simple – you just have to put the golf ball in the hole in as few moves as you can. You can do this by clicking on the ball and pulling. This way you can set the speed and angle of the shot very easily. Now all that you have to do is enjoy what these games have for you!