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Beergolf is a very interesting game if you like to play free golf games on internet. It is catchy, exciting and easy to play even if you are a beginner, so you don’t have to miss to play it! It is a game for every age, for the whole family. Play free golf games and choose this one if you like to spend some time improving your golf skills, your ability to score.

This game is not difficult at all. You will see this with every level you play. To begin, each hole you have to use your mouse to choose a position within the green tee box and then click to drop the ball. To aim your stroke, pull your mouse away from the ball. Arrows will appear to show the direction and power of your stroke. The farther apart the arrows are, the more powerful stroke will be. When you are satisfied with your aim and power level, you have to click your mouse to put the ball. You can add as many strokes as you want for gaining more and more points. With every level there will be more obstacles, but they are not very difficult. Try to make as many points as possible!

This game has a score table where you can subscribe your scores. If you enjoyed playing Beergolf don’t forget to compare your score with the best competitor who played this game to see how good you are when you play free golf games on internet. If you think you can do a better score , don’t hesitate to try to play this game again! This will make you better and better and the chances to be the best will increase!

Beergolf is a game for everyone who wants to play free golf games so don’t hesitate to play this funny and interesting game! This golf game is for all ages, is easy, is funny and is interesting. As well, if you are looking for this kind of games you can try to play crazy golf games to improve your golf skills! Good luck!