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Ryder Cup Chalenge


You really should play this game if you are passionate by golf games on internet or if you want to try something new. This is a challenging and catchy game for you, for your family and for your friends too!

The crazy golf games are so easy to play and so catchy. This game is not very difficult to play but involves speed with a good positioning of the golf player. You have 1 minute from when you grab the club to score as many yards as possible for your team. You have 60 seconds to score the furthest total distance. So, you really have to be fast!

To play this game you have to drag the club back towards the red line, then forward in one fluid fast motion. Watch the wind direction to make sure your shot flies straight, as an out of bounds ball will score nothing! You have to hit the ball as fast as you can to get a master drive! Plus, if you like the competition, you can challenge your mates to see who can score more! It will be fun!

At the beginning of the game you have to choose if you want to play for the Europe (play Europe) or for USA (play USA). You have there two boxes and you have to select one of them. Then, all depends on you, how fast you are and how strong you hit the ball. And of course, don’t forget about the wind direction, otherwise you won’t score. As you can see, the crazy golf games are not difficult to play, but involves some skills. And these will be better and better as you play more and more crazy golf games.

The crazy golf games are very funny and exciting and Ryder Cup Chalenge is not an exception to this rule. If you want to see more golf games, to improve your golf skills and to taste the competition, don’t hesitate to play pc golf games, you will like it!