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Dumb Golf


When you are feeling bored and you don’t have the disposition for anything we come to rescue with out new 18 holes golf games! These are games that will surely make you crack a smile in the corner of your mouth… Dumb Golf is a nice game that is suited for everybody, be it you are a child looking for some fun of an adult seeking a way to escape the world around him for some minutes… 

Well… if you found these 18 holes golf games it means you will have some fun in the minutes that follow. You will play these golf games to download impersonating a funny elephant which you have to help put the balls in their places. Trying to overcome all kind of obstacles one harder than the other you can really have a good time playing Dumb Golf.

These 18 holes golf games are very popular because they are fun and the can be played easily using the mouse and its movements. What you have to do is only set the aim and power of the shot and try to hit the hole in one move. You will be rewarded!