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Super Star Golf


If you like playing sport games and especially superstar golf games we have a game that will surely fit your personality quite right… it is called Super Star Golf and you will become a real superstar if you become the best at these cool sports. These fun golf games will surely make you feel like a real star, even if it is only in this wonderful world of the internet!

Many people will find these superstar golf games a little bit confusing at the beginning because you have to be very quick to perform a good shot. And like no other golf game, this time you will play using the keyboard. So, in order to set the power and direction you have to press the space bar and release when the bar indicates what you need.

Well… this may sound easy but you have to know that to succeed in these superstar golf games you have to have a very good hand-eye coordination and enthusiasm to be able to stop the bars at the desired levels!