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You haven’t felt being under pressure for such a long time… well… it is time that you feel that wonderful sensation that makes you feel you are alive once again. That is why we have prepared some very realistic free golf games online. The one game that I recommend to you if you are looking for a game that is as similar as it gets to the real thing is Pressure!

This cool game is the closest thing to the real sport. Usually 3d golf games are made is such a way that they shorten the long and sometimes boring golf games that are played in reality. Well…this time, this game, is designed in such a way that you can enjoy something close to the real thing. The game is longer and even the surroundings are like a golf course with all the usual obstacles. When playing these free golf games online you will see water, sand, rocks and trees. All of which you have to overcome in your try to put the ball in the hole in as few strikes as you can.

Also what is interesting about Pressure is the fact that it if between the few free golf games online that is designed to be played with the help of your keyboard not of your mouse! Well… this is not necessarily a bad thing because although it cuts from your freedom you can control more things and perform a more professional strike!

So, when it comes to the controls used to play these free golf games online you will see a power meter on the bottom right on your screen and according to the position of the hole set the meter as you think suits best! By pressing the space bar to set the power and another time to shoot you can throw the all closer to the target. Also, Pressure is a game where you can choose your club according to hit, just like when playing real golf!

So, for all of you out there who love this game I think that these free golf games online will bring you only fun and good times… so why miss this opportunity?!