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St Mulligans 3putt


There's a large variety of games on the internet, both for adults and for kids. Kids golf games are as cool as any other type of free golf games online because they are easy to play, they are vividly colored and the music is usually just right for these types of games. But this doesn't mean they are meant to be played only by kids.

Let's take for example St. Mulligan's 3-Putt: it is one of the free golf games online that you can play at any time; it's easy to play, but still not boring; it is carefully created so that almost anyone will enjoy playing it. There are no long instructions that you must read for several minute and it's not difficult to figure out what you have to do to play the game. There's simply a platform with different kinds of terrain, like sand, water, grass of rocks, and you have to manage to put the little ball into the whole. Before hitting the whole, you'll see that a red arrow appears near the ball. This arrow shows both the direction and the power with which you'll hit the ball.

Free golf games online are meant to be played by everyone, not just people who have some experience in playing golf. St. Mulligan's 3-Putt is as easy as you want a nice game to be at the beginning, so that you can progressively get used to the controls and the game itself.

Further on, some of the free golf games online give you the opportunity to choose a favorite character to play with, from a short list of figures. St. Mulligan's 3-Putt also has 4 cute good-looking characters: St. Mulligan, Waghorn, Jimmy and the Bumbard. They are all 3D models and during the game you can see them spinning around the ball. Not all free golf games online have a character that can hit the ball. So if you're not used to seeing some guy on golf platform or you're just annoyed by it, you can hide your game figurine anytime you want to, by just checking the Hide Golfer option.

Overall, St. Mulligan's 3-Putt is one of the nicest free golf games online and we kindly recommend it to every sport games fan.