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Golf Jam


It is time you met some new and interesting free mini golf games! These games are so nice and entertaining because they are for everyone and you won’t play only golf… each level or task will be different and you have to do all kind of different things sometimes not quite related to the classic golf game.

So, if you are looking for some unconventional free mini golf games you just found what you were looking for! You should remember that Golf Jam – the game you are about to play – is like no other golf game hat you have played online before. It is considered a golf game because it puts the accent on you using the golf club and ball but each level you will have different tasks that you have to fulfill. You will see that these tasks have nothing to do with putting the ball into the hole like when playing a classic game of golf.

Being so different, Golf Jam becomes one of the most challenging free golf games online and most enjoyed because you don’t really have to be in the mood for playing free mini golf games but only to crave for an entertaining and fun game!

Along with these things, Golf Jam has other advantages… like the way you will play it. These free mini golf games are made for your own comfort and fun and that is why you will play them using the mouse. You will see the freedom this manner of playing offers you! In the end, all that you have to do is move the mouse until the red arrow shown towards the direction you desire and then left click it to get the power meter working. When you have the appropriate power click again to perform the hit.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind when playing free mini golf games online is the fact that you have to be careful about the wind direction because it can influence the trajectory of your ball!