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Golf Hooked


I am sure that you are ready to have some fun playing some rounds of free golf games… isn’t it? What we have prepared for you today is a game where you need to have patience… it is very relaxing and fun at the same time. Golf Hooked is a nice golf game that you will become addicted to from the first rounds! So, if you are a fan of free golf games we recommend you try Golf Hooked and you will surely love it!

If you want to stay hooked on free golf games for some time just try Golf Hooked and you will stay stuck to your computer until you beat you own records! Like all mini golf games, Golf Hooked is a relaxing, not very challenging game that you will play just for the fun of it. You will see that you won’t feel the time passing… nor the stress conquering you…

If you are used to play free golf games it means you know the rules… these rules also apply to Golf Hooked. The aim of any free golf games is to put the golf ball into the hole in as few strikes as you can. Immediately after starting playing you will see that Golf Hooked is very easy to play…you only need one hand… the one on the mouse!

When playing Golf Hooked you don’t have to use the keyboard, so you can stay comfortable in your seat and just play… At first you start with the ball on the other side of the court; to strike it just move the ‘’swing’’ bar on the ball and set the angle and power. Easy, am I right? Like when playing free golf games you have to put the ball in the hole in few moves for a higher score.

Golf Hooked also gives you the opportunity to choose the club you want to swing with. Just like when playing the real thing! Isn’t this wonderful? You can calculate the power of your strike also according to the type of club you are using… Can you tell me now if this isn’t the best game from all free golf games that you have ever played?