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Mile High Club


As you may know, the Mile High Club is a real club where only the best get into! So, to play Mile High Club golf game is an honor for you. That means you can, even if it is just virtually, become one of the elite. So, if you want to play golf games that can easily make you part of the best players you need to practice and become an expert.

You will play golf games on a suspended golf course, so the most important thing when playing these computer golf games is to try and not send the ball too far as to fall from the platform.

This game is a very challenging one which you will play on levels, and as you might have guessed, the levels start from the easiest one and become harder and harder as you advance. So, prepare to play golf games where you need to do your best to win!

Mile High Club is also a game that you will play with the mouse – just set the direction and speed of the shot with the help of the circle around the ball and when you are ready click for the throw. So, weather you want to play golf games or just have a good time, Mile High Club is the most appropriate.