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Mini Golf 99 Holes


When it comes to finding the best 99 holes mini golf game on the internet especially if you are a fan of these kind of games is very hard because there are a lot of free online golf games and you don’t know what to pick… But that is why we are here… to recommend you the best from the multitude of games that you can find online.

So, here is a fun game for you - Mini Golf 99 Holes! This is a very nice game and is for those who are big fans of new online golf games and especially for those of you who love long and challenging games. This 99 holes mini golf game will gibe you the opportunity to actually play on 99 mini golf fields. Impressive… right?

Well, if this fact satisfies you I believe that now you need to hear how this game works! So, as any golf game, the aim of this 99 holes mini golf game is to put the golf ball in the right hole from as few moves as you can. You also have a limit of hits – you have to do your best as not to overrun 10 strikes because you will loose and, then, start all over again…

This 99 holes mini golf game gives you a very high level of freedom when it comes to the manner of playing and the control used because you can choose three different ways to control the aiming and the direction of the ball. You can play using only the keyboard, only the mouse or you can combine the two… for example aim using the mouse and set the power by pressing the space bar or ‘’Enter’’.

Before starting the game you will be put to choose the sex of the character you will play with… you can either be a man or a woman… this 99 holes mini golf game doesn’t make any discriminations in this sense… so, what are you still waiting? Let the adventure begin!