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Te weather is gloomy… there is nothing to do in the house… on the television you cannot find anything that you like… you think of playing a sport but all of your friends are at home… we have the solution! Lets’ play something different! Are you tired of playing games that imitate popular sports? It is time to play archery games! Here you can find a lot of games that have different topics but the same theme… stringing the bow and shooting. Play archery games and your time will pass quickly and in a fun and interactive manner! We have the perfect game if you decided to play free archery games. It is called Medieval and while playing it you will feel like being part of a cartoon!

Medieval is very colorful and easy to play. First you have to choose your player; a bad, angry archer or a short, kind of fat one that will make you laugh with his manner of moving. After the game begins you only have to pass the mouse over the bow to string, aim and release. You will pass from level to level making a journey through the forest. Obstacles will appear from time to time, but try to hit the hole by throwing as few arrows as you can because this way you will be given bonus points that make a grater final score.

The time spent playing archery games is quite fun and relaxing. And especially when playing Medieval. You are surprised that at every step you can discover new and interesting things. Your journey is full of interesting creatures and beautiful nature. The graphic of Medieval is very good. It is done in such a way that you feel like you are part of a story told in cartoons. If you want to try something new play archery games because they will brighten you up and make the time pass more quickly in a manner that is neither stressful nor boring!