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Modern Medieval


In the virtual world everything is possible! You would be very impressed to see how many worlds and eras mingle and combine as to make a magical, fictional world for you to have the opportunity to play archery games. This time, the game Modern-Medieval makes a good combination between the modern world and the medievale times. It is something different from all the archery games that you have played before. Modern-Medieval will impress you with the good idea of combining old methods of fighting with a modern scenario. If you usually like playing free archery games, you will love Modern-Medieval instantly.

Having as a background the shadows of a city, with all its’ skyscrapers and gloomy look, your have to guide your character towards a certain point. Killing everything that comes in his way and poses a threat. Modern-Medieval can be played very easy by using the left / right arrows from the keyboard you control the character backward and foreword and the ‘’up’’ arrow to jump and mouse to string and shoot. If you want to jump over a longer distance press the ‘’up’’ and ‘’right’’ keys at the same time.

When you play Modern-Medieval you have to thing that it has the same purpose as any free archery game, and hat is to manage to pass to the next level with as many points as you can. Modern-Medieval will give you some nice memories and a very good time while playing it. If you were looking for free archery games to play online you found the perfect one. It is also interactive and different from any archery game that you played before. So be a modern day Robin Hood and lets’ start the journey through the jungle of the city right now! Don’t you wait anymore and sharpen those arrows and string that bow for a better shot. You won’t be sorry from picking Modern-Medieval from all the free archery games on the internet.