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Hooks Dart Camp


If you are looking for interesting darts game to play, try this colorful cartoon-like game called Hooks Dart Camp. If you like games that have a very good story in the background you need to play Hooks Dart Camp right now. From all the games that you played Hooks Dart Camp has a very interesting pirate story to tell…alongside with some very good graphic and effects. You won’t even notice that it is just a darts game to play online…

Hooks Dart Camp is a very complex darts game to play… the rules are very simple and exactly like all darts games and exactly like the real sport… but a little bit challenging… each turn you have three throws and you have to hit a moving target that you control. You have to score a certain number of points in order to pass to the next level. The levels are one harder than the other, so be careful and not waste your darts on unsure throws. You can control the movement of the target by moving the mouse horizontally; you have to try to keep the target in balance for a more precise hit. You can also score extra points by hitting what the little fairy is droppin

Hooks Dart Camp is the perfect darts game to play when you have some time and want to spend it in a very relaxing, non-stressful way. The only thing you have to do is to click to pick up the arrow, move the mouse to balance the target and release when you think you have a good aim! Isn’t this a perfect game for a perfect time?! Hooks Dart Camp will also transport you in another world, a world full of pirates and color. It is a very pleasant darts game to play that can become an addiction very quickly.

So are you ready to start a new and interesting adventure? Now you have the chance to one of the pirates only by trying Hooks Dart Camp and you will find it a very good darts game to play when you are looking for a good time…