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Crazy Darts


If you are in the mood a good, challenging and very realistic classic darts game we have the perfect game for you! Here you can find a data base filled with darts games for every taste and age categories. If you are looking for some classical darts games we would like to introduce to you the most realistic game you could imagine. This darts game is called Crazy Darts and you will be surprised by the rapidity that this game is being played! Crazy Darts has the same characteristics and it look like the real thing, but the difference in that you will play against time. 

Crazy darts is a fun and extremely active darts game where the aim is to score as many points as you can in a certain given time…usually a minute… The rules of Crazy Darts are a little bit changed because comparing to the real sport, where you can take all the time you want to calculate your throw, when playing this fast darts game you have to throw as many arrows as you can and score as many points as you can. But this is not something to be afraid of…you will have a small target that you will see moving around quite quickly, when you think it is in the desired position just click to throw the dart. Be careful not to loose much time, it is a rare gift. If you hit the bulls’ eye you may get a time bonus!

What could you want more from a darts game? Crazy Darts is simple and at the point! It can be enjoyed by everybody… if you need a change of rhythm in your life Crazy Darts in the most suitable darts game for you because it will bring you to a level of agitation just perfect for some adventure. So, if you like to play darts games that are both challenging and active Crazy Darts is your new favorite time spending activity!