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Darts Secure


You are standing in front of the dart board… with the arrow in your hand… get ready… you are taking a swing… and shoooot! Bull’s eye!  If you need to play a very difficult darts game you need to try Darts Secure! If you would like to play darts games that challenge you to the limit you came to the right place… Darts Secure is the game for you!

When it comes to playing darts games you imagine yourself trying to aim the center of the target and thinking of the power and angle of the throw… well when you will play Darts Secure, although it is a darts game online free, you will have to do the same things! First you have to pick up the dart and them choose the direction and throw it… actually throw it. You can do these things with the help of the mouse. Left click and hold to take the dart in your hand and then push the mouse foreword with speed and release to throw it. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t make a shot from your first throws… it’s a little bit harder until you catch the move. But be careful not to waste your darts because you only have 10 darts… 10 chances to score.

The aim of Darts Secure is simple, just like when you play darts games in real life. You need to score as many points as you can from 10 hits in order to pass to the next level. Be careful as it is not as easy as it sounds! Calculate your darts’ trajectory and the power of your throw. So, doesn’t this online darts game seam the most realistic one ever?

So, if you are looking to play darts games that will leave you impressed Darts Secure is a very good example. Darts Secure is a challenging and extremely active game of darts. You will enjoy very much playing it! So, take that dart in your hand and let’s see who scores higher! Don’t forget to aim for the centre; it will bring you the maximum of points!