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If you are in the mood for challenging free online darts games it means that today is your lucky day! We have darts games for every taste and every age. If you are looking for some classical free online darts games we prepared for you today the most realistic game ever; it is called simply Dart and it has the same characteristics and look like the real thing. You even compete against the computer for the title of champion!

The rules of Dart are a little bit changed… as it is a competition after all; things have to be a little tougher. But don’t get scared by this… the thing is you have to throw the darts in the specified segment of the board. So, literallye you start with 1, after hitting that segment you move to the next and the next until you get to 20 and after one final hit at the bulls’ eye. As I was saying, this free darts game is being played against the computer; each one of you has three arrows, three chances each time. The one who finishes first hitting all the segments is the winner! You can even higher your score by hitting a double or a triple! Isn’t Dart challenging?

In order to place a shot when playing Dart you just have to use your mouse. First, move the mouse horizontally to place it on the direction of the segment, and then click to set the velocity of the throw, release the button when you desire to throw the dart. You will be impressed by the realistic look of this free online darts game, you could almost feel the dart slipping from your hand and hear it hitting the target… 

What do you think about this? Do you feel the need for a confrontation? What about a little adrenalin rushing through your veins? What about more? When playing this free online darts game you will feel it all! Dart will become your new favorite online darts game in no time!