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Donald Darts


At these darts games for free your goal is to gain as many points as you can before the time runs out. Use your mouse to play anytime you would like. By practicing some rounds of these darts games for free you will definitely improve your skills at dart games. Take your time, aim and take your shoot to make a high score, score that you can choose to submit it to our worldwide list of darts games.

Drag you mouse side to side on the screen, aim your target and press the left mouse button of your mouse and release it to throw a pin dart. Be fast because you will have to score at least 200 points before the time runs out. You will have 25 seconds for each level to gain your points, if not you will lose that level. Don’t panic if you can’t score your needed points at your first attempt. Take your time and practice some rounds and you will definitely make all the levels and by this you will win the game.

You will have a table full with colored balloons. Your targets are the red balloons. You will have 5 pin darts and 25 seconds to pop at least 3 red balloons to make your norm. This game can be played also in the multiplayer mode, by choosing to play it against your friends. This way the game will be more interactive and more interesting. Score more points than your friend to win the game. As a hint practice some rounds before your challenge him to these darts games for free if you want to win easier.

Donald Darts is a darts games for free that you can choose to play any time you would like only on this amazing site. There are also another free 501 darts game on this marvelous site that you can choose to play whenever you want. Enjoy playing this amazing game and you will definitely become a pro shooter of pin darts. Good Luck!