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Rabbit Darts


What do you think about playing a funny and entertaining game of darts? If you like online darts games there is no chance you won’t like this one. It is called Rabbit Darts and you will be surprised by the interesting idea and the level of challenge that a game this small can have. Rabbit Darts is a colorful cartoon-like online darts game that will make you smile in seconds.

Did you ever think how it would be to change the darts arrows with something completely different? If you stay and think you can say that darts is not such a difficult sport to practice, everyone can have access to it, you don’t have to be a professional to have the opportunity to practice it… but this time we made it funnier and more unreal. So, you will find it quite different than what you have played before. Here you have the unique opportunity to change the darts with some very angry bunnies that you will have to throw towards a target. Isn’t this fun? You can’t do this in real life…so, lets’ do it here!

The rules of Rabbit Darts are the same like in any other free online darts games except the fact that you have to catch some rabbits and throw then towards a moving target. Be careful because this time you are playing against time and as the time passes the game becomes harder and harder. Everything speeds up and it will be harder to catch the bunnies and hit the target, so you need to calculate your moves a little bit. You will see that Rabbit Darts is one of the most entertaining online darts games that you have ever played. This is mostly because it is very colorful and as a whole – something else. Rabbit Darts is an online darts game that suits everybody, old and young. So, if you are looking for something interesting and at the same time challenging to fill you spare time you are very lucky to have found Rabbit Darts!