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Darts 501


At these free 501 darts games your goal is to remain with 0 points in the shortest time. Use your mouse to play these free 501 darts games and you will definitely improve your skills at darts. Practice some rounds and in the shortest time you will be the king at free 501 darts game. Practicing is everything at these games and you will see that is a funny way to fill your free time.

You will start this free 501 darts game with 501 points. You will have to aim exactly where you want to throw your pin, and in a smooth motion, click slow, drag your mouse up and release it to throw a pin dart for this free 501 darts game. Note that you don’t have a limited time to gain 0 points. Is all about patience at this game because each dart that you will throw will reduce your score and you don’t want to be under pressure with the time. So take your time, aim, release the left mouse button and shot the pin dart to score.

To win this game you will need to “hit zero” and to “close out” the dart table. Exceeding zero is a “bust” and your score is not reduced under that limit. Practice some rounds and you will close the table into the shortest time and you will gain the title of this game. Don’t forget to submit you highest score to our worldwide list of darts games to see where you stand at this game. Take your friends and play this marvelous game in the multiplayer mode. This way the game will be more interactive and more interesting.

Darts 501 is also a dart game for kids, that brings you the satisfaction of a real dart game. These free 501 darts games are a good way to exercise your aiming and to learn how to throw a pin dart correctly. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on this marvelous site any time you would like. Good Luck!