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Color Dart Board


Darts is a very popular in challenging game to play. If you like this sport, if you play it of just desire to try and see some other type of free darts games this is where you should stop. Today we present to you another kind of online darts games. It is called Color Dart Board and even it’s’ name suggests to us that it is not a classical game of darts. So, don’t be surprised when you see the board and you don’t know what to do. It is very easy; we will guide you on your way!

Color Dart Board is a very simple free darts game and even if it is quite different from the usual darts games that you have played it is not less fun. The rules of the game are the same, only the board looks different, and kind of strange if you think about it… at the first look you will see some colored squares… nothing like the round and stripped classical darts board. But don’t get confused… you will end up finding Color Dart Board a very interesting darts game to play. What you have to do be careful at the color you have to hit and then look among the squares for the same color and aim for it. Does this seam hard? I don’t believe so… try it and see how much fun one can have by throwing a dart at a colored board.

The aim of Color Dart Board is very easy to spot… and I believe you know it… yes, you are right, you have to hit the right color! In order to throw your dart you just have to click when the power in the power-bar in the left fits your calculations. So, do you find this free darts game appealing? I say let us try something new for a change… why not this new and ingenious type of free darts game and in the end you will be surprised how much you love Color Dart Board.