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Darts Sim


Would you like to play a darts game online free that is so realistic you will feel like in front of the dart board with a sharp arrow in your hand, competing for the title of ‘’champion’’ or with a friend having some good time? It’s high time we introduce to you the new Darts Sim! From all the darts games online for free Darts Sim is the only game that copies the classical game of darts with all the rules and even the dart board! This is your only chance to experience playing electronic darts! Only this darts game online free will challenge you to the blood!

Darts Sim is a game that you play against the computer. The rules are the same and simple. At the beginning the both of you will have 501 points and as you hit the dart board the countdown starts. Whoever reaches 0 first is the winner. The most important thing is to calculate your shots as to score lower when you have only some points left, because it you score higher you won’t be allowed to throw again that round and you chances will get slimmer. This very challenging darts game online free is the closer to the real and most popular countdown darts game. So, if you are looking to play a good free online darts game, Darts Sim will give you the satisfaction of enjoying a round of fun and challenge!

When you play Darts Sim everything that you have to do is have a little patience, because sometimes a round can take some good minutes. Just concentrate and wait for your turn. First, you have to pick the character that you will control, and then just left click the mouse to set the power and aim and release to throw the dart. So, if this set you in the right mood I say that you have to try this very challenging darts game online for free and you will see that you will end up loving it.