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Apple Shooter


If you had the chance would you trust your friend with your life? Would you let him try to shoot an apple that was on your head? Well… this time your friend puts his life in your hand and trusts you with his life… so be careful not to kill him! If you are looking to play some fun 3D archery games you came to the right place. Apple Shooter is exactly what you are looking for! This 3D archery game is fun and challenging at the same time. Apple Shooter is a nice 3D archery game that can be played by very small children and also by adults as it is such a nice game to play.

Are you confident enough on your archery skills that you would put your friend trough this? Now you have the opportunity to practice playing this fun 3D archery game called Apple Shooter! It is very simple! The rules are very simple; the only thing that you have to do is to try to hit the apple that sits on your friend’s head without hitting him. If you hit him you not only loose the game but you also wound your partner. So be very careful! The next level is always harder than the previous one!

Apple Shooter cam be played just by using the mouse. In order to string your bow you have to hold the left button for a few seconds to gain power and then leave it to shoot. The aim of Apple Shooter is be able to pass as many levels as you can without any casualties. Isn’t this one of the funniest 3D archery games ever played? If you are not convinced yet, try some rounds and it will become your favorite. 

3D archery games are very fun to play when you have some time to spend and you don’t know what to do… this way the time will pass flying and extremely fun. When you play Animal Shooter you will not be spared of the good time and the laughter. The characters are hilarious and the replies are surprisingly unexpected. So, sit comfortably in your chair and prepare yourself for a very interesting archery games online.