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Mobster Race


There war some times when mafia ruled the streets, the main thing that mobsters knew weal was to drive quickly, their life depended on the driving skills. If you hit a bank and you didn't get out of there fast you would have gotten in big trouble and even go to jail.

Mobster Race is a game that will help you see if you could have manage the hard life of a mobster. Playing street racing games like this is a lot of fun and you will see how hard it was to control the old cars even if the basic controls are simple, all you have to do is to use the arrow keys in order to steer, accelerate or brake your car,if you think you can handle it you can use the hand break by pressing the space bar. Knowing the controls is not enough in order to win this races, you will have to feel the car and know when to accelerate and when to brake in the thight corners. If you manage to finish this racing game you can consider yourself one of the best drivers.