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Balloon Hunter


Nowadays you don’t have many possibilities to play archery games in the middle of the nature… don’t be sad… we have a solution… play archery games online! You don’t have to expose yourself to the dangers of playing for real. So, take the bow in you hand and let us play a very nice archery game online! It is called Balloon Hunter! And as it name says you have to hunt balloons. Many, many colorful balloons! Balloon Hunter is fun, interactive, competitive and addictive. 

Balloon Hunter is very easy and especially fun. It is easy to play – you can choose to play using the keyboard or mouse, depending on your preferences. If you choose to play by keyboard, you have to use the up / down arrow keys to position the bow in order to shoot correctly and hold space bar to string and release the arrow. This archery game played online is easily played using the mouse, just hold the left button while you position the bow and release to shoot the arrow

The aim of Balloon Hunter is to make as many points as you can by hitting as many colored balloons as you can. Try to hit more then one balloon at a time for a grater score. You will have lots of fun playing 3D archery games! You can play with your friends and make a challenge out of it. You can play to pass the time and have a great time doing it. Balloon Hunter will brighten up your day and make you smile. Remembering you of the times you had as a child, when you used to play improvised archery games in your back yard.

You will be pleased by the happy soundtrack and the happy, colorful background, with clouds that slide with the wind. So, if you are looking for playing archery games online you found the perfect one for you. Balloon Hunter is fun and it will make you smile. And at the same time having a blast bursting those balloons.