Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Ad Tick


At these types of online wrestling games you will need to beat your opponent with different items. You can choose between a gun, a chair, a grenade, a flaming thrower and many other items.

For your first level you will see the following message: “Ever notice in an affiliate networking your Roi is determined by the people you work with?” The answer is simple. Yes you do. For your first level you will be in the ring with Roi, and you will have to take him down by punching him, burning him or by shooting him with a bazooka. After you beat Roi the computer is asking you if you want to do more damage to your Roi by working with your other networking. You can choose to damage him more, or to let him survive. If you decide to beat him click the Yes button.

Going further on these online wrestling games you will see that during your second level you will need to shoot your Roi with a rifle gun. Click on the gun to rifle him. After a few bullets you will see that your Roi will lose one hand, after some more bullets your Roi will lose the other hand, than his legs and in the end you will need to shoot him to stop his agony.

For the final level, the third one, in this online wrestling game your Roi wants to attack you. You are lucky because you have a cigar in your hand, and on the left of your Roi will be a box full with grenades. Throw your cigar in that box to defend yourself by killing Roi. In this way you will receive the respect of your affiliate networking because you have showed Roi who is the real boss.

Ad Tick is a funny way to play some wrestling games online because it will take you just a few seconds to finish the game. At those kinds of online wrestling games you will learn how to defend yourself, and how to beat your opponent as faster as you can.