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Like in each types of wrestling games online all you have to do is to throw your opponent out from the game zone circle. You will see that at the beginning it will be really easy to do that, but after a while the game will be more and more difficult to be played.

Start these types of wrestling games online by choosing a character. You can choose between five monsters to play this wrestling game online: Vincent, Rasper, Wally, Little Nose and Doof. Each character has a specific way to move and to fight in the ring. After you have decided with which character you will play the game, you will be in a pink circle.

To win valuable points try to push your opponent out of the circle. You will do that by using your arrow keys. Up arrow key to move forward, left arrow key to move to the left, right arrow key to move to the right and down arrow key to move back.

Go directly to your opponent, and crash him to throw him out from that circle. This way you will gain points at these types of wrestling games online. Do this for 2 times and you will win that round. You have in a round 3 attempts to get your opponent outside of that circle. Also by winning a round you will receive extra 5 points. So your score will look like this: 2 points for your successful throwing away your opponent and 5 points bonus. Your final score will be 7.

After you win a round you will go directly to the next level. There you will find a new opponent, faster and stronger than the previous one. Try to beat him to gain as many points as you can, and become a pro wrestler.

Monster is a type of hundreds of wrestling games online that exist. Those online wrestling games will train you to become even better then John Cenna. Enjoy playing this fabulous game!