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Volleyball Game


At these beach volleyball games you will have to concentrate to hit the ball exactly when is needed. You will play this volleyball game using only your keyboard. The goal for these beach volleyball games is to make as many points as you can before the time runs out. You will have 60 seconds to hit as many balls as you can and to send them over the net.

At these beach volleyball games the timing and concentration are everything. Press the j key to jump over the net and then press the f key to hit the ball. As a hint as longer your press the j key as higher your volleyball player will jump. Be careful because while you are in the air you can hit the f key just one time and you will have to land to be able to hit the f key another time.

You will have a green target for these beach volleyball games. When you jump over the net that target will go over the ball. Be patient and when the ball is exactly in the middle of that target hit the f key to hit that ball. Send as many balls as you can over the net before the times runs out to gain more points.

Your score and your time will be displayed on the left down corner on your screen. Also this game can be more interactive if you choose to play it in the multiplayer mode. This way you challenge your fiend to a volleyball game without getting outside the building. You can play these amazing beach volleyball games even in a break time at office to relax yourself. Only by practicing you can improve your skills at these volleyball games.

This Volleyball Game is the best game of his league. At these volleyball games for kids you can look closely to see how to serve a ball correctly and who knows, maybe someday you will take your friends and even go on a real playground field and play some rounds. Enjoy!