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Snowboard Safari


When it comes to playing all kind of games that tempt the reality, the internet is on the first place at bringing you all sorts of games that are more and more interesting and intriguing. Looking for that kind of games we found some big air snowboarding games.

Snowboard Safari is one of these games where you have the opportunity to actually fly on the snowboard! And when I say ‘’fly’’ I really mean that you will fly, in the air, your board… and also I have to highlight that these big air snowboarding games are also very complex games where alongside with doing what you like you have to look for useful icons and avoid the dangerous ones.

In these 3d snowboarding stunt games you have to catch three fish each level and trees for an extra energy boost but at the same time watch out for animals on the ground and flying penguins. If you respect these terms you can have the time of your life laying some cool big air snowboarding games!