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4x4 Rally


If you feel the need for some adventure on a 4 wheeled vehicle we recommend you try some of our 4x4 rallye games! You will be between those who have the chance to participate in some of the most challenging races ever! The game that you will play in a quick-shotle of seconds is the only one where you will have the opportunity to drive trucks and take part in a truck race!

After you have personalized your car you can start the race. The rules are simple and easy to remember… you will be a contestant in the race of your life! You will start from the first level and need to work your way up by finishing each race between the first three.

From all the 4x4 rallye games you just had the luck to find the most adventurous! Here you will encounter some very interesting races… for example, when playing on the first level you will have to carry the race on a very slippery icy road; the trucks will slide on the ground and will make controlling it very hard.

You will see that each level hides a surprise for you! What about starting playing these 4x4 rallye games and discover what these surprises are! You will not be sorry and, most important; you will fall in love with this adventurous driving game.

Like all 4x4 rallye games that you played before, this one is also being played using the keyboard, mainly the arrow keys… this way it will be easier for you to maneuver the truck. 3D rallye racing games like 4x4 Rally will surely give you the satisfaction you need when you will see, at the end of the race, that you are between the first finalists and you will have the opportunity to find out what challenges the next level could bring!

And this is how you will make your day better; you now have something to do when you have a bit of free time at your disposal… you can keep yourself concentrated and raise your adrenalin level by playing some of these 4x4 rallye games!